Growth Marketing Camp
Growth Marketing Camp

Episode 37 · 1 month ago

A Sneak Peek Into Pendo’s Jellyfish Model for Product Marketing


You might argue that pizza and software have nothing in common, but we beg to differ. Put your seatbelts on; you’re in for a wild ride. In this episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we are building a little universe with Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing at He took all the best bits and pieces from his time at HubSpot, expanded on them, and put his learnings to work when he joined Pendo. In this episode, Marcus shares insights on his Jellyfish model for product marketing and the importance of empathy and storytelling. If you’re wondering how to launch a product that will stand out from the sea of conformity and meet the needs of the changing world, you’re at the right place. Let’s break through the noise together! Tune in and enjoy!

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