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Growth Marketing Camp

Episode 69 · 2 months ago

How to Build a Standout Cybersecurity Brand with Lauren Kersanske from Axonius


Cybersecurity brand, Axonius helps security and IT professionals discover, manage, and secure all of their assets. And what makes their brand stand out (apart from a top-notch product) is their ambitious team who easily tackles some of the biggest challenges in IT.

This week, we have the pleasure of welcoming a key member of their team on the Growth Marketing Camp podcast, Lauren Kersanske, Principle Growth Marketer at Axonius.

In this episode, Lauren and Bobby Narang chat about Axonius’ differentiation strategy, their key to building a recognizable brand (that drives demand), and how they connect and resonate with their target audience. She shares the challenges faced with marketing to a technical buyer and the secret to establishing credibility within each conversation. You’ll learn the value of taking chances (& extreme ownership), experimenting, and maximizing your tech stack with a little bit of scrappiness. Check it out!

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