Growth Marketing Camp
Growth Marketing Camp

Episode 0 · 1 year ago

Introducing: Growth Marketing Camp


Welcome to Growth Marketing Camp. In this introduction, you’ll hear a quick overview of what marketers like yourself can get from joining our camp!

Welcome to growth marketing camp. I'm REX Piverston, head of sales and marketing for open sense and one of the two co hosts for the show. Think of me as your camp counselor, if you're listening to this episode, you're probably a growth marketer looking for some new perspective, maybe some tips and tricks and hopefully a few laughs. We're going to bring all that and more. My Co host, Bobby Narrangue, is the CO founder of open sense and has a tremendous background in sales and business development. Will be interviewing the most incredible growth marketers we can find who are brave enough to step up to the mic and tell the story of their favorite growth marketing campaign. We'll dig into the audience, the offer, the channels, the spend, the clicks, all the good stuff. Expect to learn something different from each guest. It's going to be a blast. Oh and if you think it'd make a great guest for the show or you have a question like us to ask our guests, shoot us an email to events at open sensecom. That's e ve nts at Open Sense Sen Secom. We promise to make it worth your while. When you hit subscribe.

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